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Record Tech offers state-of-the-Art, most up-to-date, sustainable, Standard/custom solution for various Industries.

Geotechnical and Geodetic

Record Tech Electronics is providing the world class Geo-technical Equipments and services in india for past 30 plus years. We have been trained by the best in the world (Geokon) and that is the differentiating factor from others.


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Strain Measurement

We provide strain gauge measurement Services for over 40 years. With TML’s best technology and equipments on our side we always have an advantage over others. Our usual goal is to understand our clients requirement and suggest an optimized solution.

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Automotive & Off-Road Vehicles

We supply wide variety of Automotive transducers and equipments like – Steering Torque Transducer, Braking Pedal Force Transducer, Wheel Torque Transducer etc.


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Industrial Solutions

From simple Industrial Applications to Complex Residual Stress Analysis, we are one stop shop for all your Industrial needs.


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Process Automation

Process control is a statistics and engineering discipline that deals with architecture, mechanisms and algorithms for maintaining the output of a specific process within a desired range…

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Oil & Gas

We Provide variety of Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry starting from small and low cost transducers to high-end tranmitters and dataloggers.


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We have always valued are association with Educational Institutes & Colleges because the foundation of good and excellent engineers are laid there. So we have worked and developed many laboratory and teaching aid equipments for Power Electronics, Measurement Labs etc.

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HVAC/R Solution

heating, ventilation, and air conditioning / Refrigeration is the technology of indoor and automotive environmental comfort. design is a major sub discipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.

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Custom Solution

Are you looking for a custom application or products, if yes then you are at the right place. From though conceptualization to manufacturing we provide all solutions. You just have to call us for a meeting and we ensure to fulfil all your needs.

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Transforming & Improving Projects

We’re always interested in new opportunities, big or small.

Key Advantages


We have over 40 years of industrial expertise.


We adapt to our clients project needs.


We always reply to client queries within 48 hours.


We use advanced technology in all of our projects.

About Us

In the field of measurement of mechanical quantities using electronic sensors, we supply Strain Gauges (Conventional Resistance Type, Vibrating Wire Type, Fibre Optic based, Solid State Types), Load Cells, Pressure Cells, LVDTs, Position Sensors, Accelerometers, Tilt Monitoring, Crack Monitoring etc. Based on Vibrating Wire Type Strain Gauges, all other kind of Transducers such as Load Cells / Pressure Cells / Displacement Sensors / Crack Meters / Tilt Sensors / Extensometers etc. are made in different configurations for monitoring tall and big structures like DAMs, Tunnels, Tall Buildings / Towers, Embankments, Settlements, Deep Excavations, Piles, Cracks for new constructions as well as. For Retro-fitting, Mines, Slope management etc.


Here’s what just some of our clients and Associates have said

It’s been my pleasure to write. Over the year of working in association with Record Tech Electronics, we have felt that the company is driven by excellent principles and methodology as per engineering practices along with great moral values. Record Tech Electronic seems to operate as a team of educated and well-trained engineers who empower, enlighten colleagues and associates they work along. The best part which I would like to personally appreciate your response time.  View More


Dear friends, it's my great pleasure to forward the attached testimonial to you. This groundwater level monitoring system comprising 35 Vibrating Wire sensors has been operated without interruption during the last 15 years, providing every minute accurate and reliable data with a repeatability as low 0.35 cm head of water. The testimonial is a proof of the long-term stability under field conditions of the Geokon vibrating wire piezometers and pressure sensors.  View More


I appreciate responding Promptly to an query, we are wishing that we could source Geokon make instruments against other poor craftmanship products available in market.
Your knowledge and expertise in Strain Gauge & our measurement area’s are phenomenal and far ahead of your nearest competitors. You justify your companies vision & motto which says “Serving your measurment needs for decades” and you also the leading suppiler of strain gauge.  View More

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